1. Scientist supports the protest with research!


  2. Scientist supports the protest with research!

  3. Natalie explains why girls need all sorts of clothes, not just the pink sort.


  4. Natalie’s advice on being brave

    Natalie gave the following advice to a commenter who wasn’t sure if he/she was brave enough to join the protest:

    "First try out and see if you’re brave. Kids at school may say you’re a scaredy cat just cause they want you to feel bad about yourself. And also, you might think you’re not brave when really you are. Just think about whether you’re brave and try to test yourself. If you find you’re not brave, here are some ways that you can try to make yourself brave. 1. Think about it, is there anything you’re scared of that doesn’t hurt you. If so, you shouldn’t be scared of it. 2. Think about if you are just scared of something cause someone else is scared of something, and it’s not you who’s a scaredy cat it’s them.

    Me and may went to the doctors office to get our shots, May screamed and screamed and I didn’t say a word. And the lesson in this story is that you can be brave even if somebody else isn’t. And those are the words of wisdom about how to be brave.”


  5. Natalie applauds BanBossy.com for joining in the protest

    Well done, google, for linking to this excellent site and program:


    Check it out!


  6. Report from our protest correspondent, Theo, in England:

    Story from a shoe store:

    Theo (then age 6): I want to try those sparkly shoes on.

    Salesperson: No, those are girls shoes.

    Theo, carefully explaining: There’s no difference between boy shoes and girl shoes. Their feet are the same, you know.

    Salesperson to Theo’s mom: he CAN’T try those on. They’re GIRL SHOES.

    Both insisted. He tried them on. (But they weren’t very good shoes, and we didn’t want to buy anything from them anymore.)

    Go Theo! Just goes to show, the protest is for brave PEOPLE. Girls and boys. Their ideals are the same, you know.

    Send in your stories! We love to hear from all the brave people.

  7. 'Sign up for helping' posted on a nice neutrally marketed kitchen.
    Now you can sign up for helping!

  8. Natalie’s protest shirt.

  9. "No more boy-girl differences"

  10. "Princesses for girls, trucks for boys? NO!!!!!!!!!!"